Truck Bed Covers Explained

The benefits to adding a bed cover to your truck is more than just skin deep.  We’re not going to deny that trucks look better with a truck bed cover, but there are some major benefits to adding a truck bed cover.


The obvious benefit to a bed cover is to protect your “stuff” from the elements.  Whether you’re putting groceries or sacks of concrete mix, you don’t want either getting rained on.



Some of the things you put in the back of the truck can fly away once you attain highway speeds.  With a bed cover, you don’t have to worry.  If the cover is closed and your tailgate is closed, everything will stay inside your bed.


Truck owners know that once they put something with value in the back of their truck, they can’t just park the truck at a local store and come out without worrying if someone took something from the back of the truck.  However, with a truck bed cover and a locking tailgate, you don’t have to worry.  First, the items are out of sight and out of mind.  Secondly, even if someone wants to take the item(s) in your bed, you’ve added a strong layer of security that will help prevent someone from accessing your stuff.


One of the little known facts about a truck bed cover is that it dramatically improves the aerodynamics of your truck.  An empty truck bed acts as a huge vacuum sucking air into the bed as you drive faster.  By closing the bed with a truck bed cover, it creates a smoother airflow around your truck.  It makes such an impact on aerodynamics, the new Tesla CyberTruck comes standard with a truck bed cover.  This is also where you see a slight improvement in your fuel economy, especially if you put in a lot of high speed highway miles.  For some people, the fuel savings will eventually pay for the cost of the truck bed cover.



The ultimate benefit in a truck bed cover is its flexibility.  The ability to open, close, or remove the bed cover to allow you to use your bed in different configurations.  For example, you know you can’t close your truck bed cover if your hauling a refrigerator.  But that’s okay.  We’ll show you how these truck bed covers easily open up to allow you to haul big gear.  Then after you’re done, you can easily close it right back up.  This flexibility is key to getting the right truck bed cover for you.


The right truck bed cover for you is one that gives you the functionality you need within your budget.  We will review the different types of covers and the benefits of each.



A soft tonneau or bed cover provides many of the benefits we discuss above.  Keep your items dry.  Prevent the fly-aways.  Keep gear away from prying eyes.  The weak point with a soft cover is that it is the easiest to breach for security purposes.  In some cases they can be pried open from the outside.  Further, being a soft cover, they are easy to tear open with a pocket knife.  Nevertheless, a soft cover provides the most affordable solution for those seeking get most of the benefits of a bed cover at the lowest cost.  Click to shop soft bed covers.




This hard rolling cover gives you all the benefits and flexibility of the soft rolling cover listed above, but with the added security benefit of heavy duty aluminum slats.  The only trade off is the higher price.  The heavy duty aluminum is going to cost more than the all vinyl roll up product.  As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.  Click to shop hard bed covers.


Full Hinged Cover

A full hinged tonneau cover provides an extremely smooth finish with great security benefits.  These are also among the easiest to open (to a certain point) and close again.  It turns your bed into a huge trunk.  These are perfect for people who will not regularly be placing items that exceed the height of the bed walls.  The downside to this design is the inconvenience when loading something large like a kitchen appliance.  If you don’t need to haul large bulky items, then this design might be right for you.  Click to shop full hinged tonneau bed covers.


Roll N Lock

Roll-N-Lock series of retractable truck bed covers provides great security, weather protection, cargo flexibility, and fast open and close access.  Some of the options include the rigid, vinyl-over-aluminum laminated construction. There are no snaps to manipulate, there is no roll or bundle to lash down or stow, no cross bars to negotiate, no fabric shrinkage to struggle with and, best of all, no worries about the security of cargo. The Roll-N-Lock retractable bed covers are among the most sophisticated and versatile truck bed cover made.  Click to shop Roll N Lock bed covers.


Hard Folding Cover

One of the most popular designs we see today is the folding hard bed covers.  These bed covers offer the security of a hard cover and the flexibility to access part of the bed or the entire bed with its multi-fold configuration.  The hard folding truck bed cover is the right choice for full bed access when you need it, and maximum theft protection when you don’t. Click to shop hard folding covers.





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