Top 2020 Super Bowl Commercials


The Super Bowl is here and so are the commercials.  Of course, all we care about are the car commercials.

Ground Hog Day

This year’s Super Bowl fell on Ground Hog Day.  That didn’t escape the creative folks from Jeep who decided to reprise Billy Murray to reprise his role from the movie, “Ground Hog Day.”  In the commercial, Bill freaks out when he finds out he’s repeating Ground Hog Day again.  That’s until he sees something new…The Jeep Gladiator.  For the rest of the commercial you see Bill Murray having a blast driving the Jeep Gladiator in the snow.  It was a fun commercial that showed just how much fun you can have with a Jeep.
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In this video, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend make fun of “old luxury” and introduce “young luxury” in the form of the new Genesis GV80.  Thew new luxury SUV from Genesis.  (Shop Genesis Auto Parts.)


Hyundai is introducing one of the funniest new commercials for the new 2020 Sonata with Smaht Pahk…ahem…Smart Park.  The commercial makes fun of the uniquely Bostonian accent.  We found this to be an incredibly funny video and totally wicked smaht.
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Kia’s commercial pulled on heart strings and hard work.  Push hard and give it everything was the message as Kia launches the new Kia Seltos SUV.
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As we announced earlier, GMC is relaunching Hummer as an all electric truck.  The teaser video announces the new Hummer truck will include 1,000 hp, 11,500 lb ft of torque, and 0 to 60mph in 3 seconds…from a Hummer!  The electric revolution is real.
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We revealed the Porsche ad earlier this week, and it’s still one of our favorites.  Seeing Porsches chase each other is the highlight in almost any big budget film.  We drooled watching this video over and over again.  Aside from the tractor, we loved each and every Porsche in this video.
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Toyota Highlander

Toyota launched the new 2020 Toyota Highlander by picking up strangers in distress.  The commercial’s message:  “It’s a tough truck and it fits a lot of passengers.”
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Okay, this one is not a “car” commercial, but it is has the Planters Peanut Mobile fly off the cliff with Mr. Peanut, Wesley Snipes, (and some other actor we didn’t quite recognize), hanging from a branch on the side of the cliff.  One of them lets go to save the others…You’ll have to see the commercial below.




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