The Bronco Returns


Ford is bringing back the Ford Bronco as a competitor to the ever popular Jeep Wrangler.

Ford has been in the SUV market ever since it introduced the Ford Bronco back in 1966.  Its original platform was sized similar to a Jeep Wrangler and competed with the Jeeps of the day.

Below you can see a heavily modified 1966 Ford Bronco and you can see the similarities in proportions to the Jeep Wrangler.

The first generation of the Ford Bronco was produced from 1966 through 1977.  However, in 1978, the Bronco went super sized and was as tall and wide as a Ford-F150.  In fact, that made production far easier and more cost effective as the Bronco shared most of its components and even bodywork with the hot selling Ford F Series.

Part of the reason Ford upsized was to compete with the popular Chevy Blazer that was bigger and based on Chevy’s C/K pickup.

Ford continued to have great success with the full sized Ford Bronco in the 80s and early 90s.

Minor design tweaks kept the Bronco’s look fresh and continued to follow the evolution of the Ford F-Series.

But alas, sometimes outside forces can impact how the business operates.  In 1994, NFL Hall of Famer, Actor, and celebrity made his famous run from the police in his white Ford Bronco.  America was glued to “the Juice on the Loose.”

Ford stopped making the Ford Bronco in 1997 despite strong sales.  Nevertheless, Ford wanted to distance itself from the events.  In 1997, Ford launched the replacement of the Ford Bronco as the new 4 door Ford Expedition.

In theory, the full size Bronco lineage continues today in the form of the new 2019 Ford Expedition.  It has been a huge hit for Ford causing GM to scramble to replace its aging Tahoe / Suburban / Yukon offerings.

In fact, if it were not for the simple Bronco and its evolution, we wouldn’t have what is arguably the finest, most luxurious full size SUV in the planet…The Lincoln Navigator.

So if Ford has had so much success with the Expedition and Navigator twins, why is it bringing back the Bronco?

First of all, Ford is taking the Broncos back to its roots.  A smaller off-road vehicle.  Not necessarily a family hauler.  The plan is to take on the Jeep Wrangler head on.

What will the new Ford Bronco look like?  We don’t know yet, but we can’t wait to see it.

Are you excited for the return of the Ford Bronco?



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