The best performance mods for your Tesla


We all know that the Tesla is a screaming machine. 0-60 mph in just under 3 seconds, which for all of humanity was unheard of! As fast as someone can blink an eye and they’re already at legal highway speeds and in most cases speeding! Well can you believe there’s mods to make them faster?

Mod number 5: Exhaust Kit.

Teslas internal combustion engines produce one hell of a sound and love to rumble and shake like no ones business. So a performance exhaust can definitely increase horsepower and torque numbers dramatically.

Tesla Model S

Mod number 4: Its turbo time!

Next mod on the list is obvious. Slap in the biggest, baddest, meanest snail you can find, and hold on to your “oh s***” grips and hang on for dear life. Tesla internal combustion engines can take plenty of boost and will make sure you need a change of under wears. Now that’s a performance mod I definitely want to try!

Turbo Tesla


Mod number 3: Nitrous!

Want more kaboom and more wins with your Tesla at the drag strip? Yeah we thought so too. How about a 200 shot of nitrous and a bright and shiny red button to make the grown men cry. Tesla can certainly take all the nitrous you can throw in there. You’ll be the one saying “too soon junior”.

Too soon Junior meme


Mod number 2: Battery Upgrade!

Instead of the old and heavy Tesla supplied batteries for their internal combustion engines, why not upgrade to some Energizer or Duracell batteries? They will definitely make your turbo spool faster and your exhaust sound much much louder. Your neighbors Mustang will be absolutely no match.

Freaking awesome right!?

Energizer Tesla

Mod number 1: Super fast engine oil!

Think about regular oil…now imagine super fast Tesla oil. Its oil made specifically to make your Tesla faster! Best part is you can do this at almost any auto shop FREE OF CHARGE!! That is insane! This oil is specially formulated to increase horsepower whilst increasing your fuel economy as it cleans out the gunk build up from the fuel deposits. So hey, why not gte your super fast Tesla engine oil.


So, I hope this post is very useful in modding your Tesla vehicle. Please follow the rules of the road and drive safely as these mods will increase the urge to load up on Mountain Dew and pretend you’re Ken Block, doing drifties in a motel 6 parking lot!


Oh and one more thing………HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!!


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