In honor of President’s Day, we look back at some of the famous cars used by the President.

1939 Lincoln K Series – Franklin D. Roosevelt

1942 Lincoln Custom – Harry Truman

1950 Lincoln Cosmopolitan – Dwight Eisenhower

1961 Lincoln Continental SS-100-X – Kennedy / Johnson

1969 Lincoln Continental – Nixon

1972 Lincoln Continental – Ford & Carter

1983 Cadillac Brougham Limo – Reagan

1989 Lincoln Town Car Limo – Bush

1993 Cadillac Fleetwood Limo – Clinton

2005 Cadillac Presidential Limo – Bush

2009 “Beast” Presidential Limo – Obama

Present Day Presidential Limo at Daytona 500 – Trump

10 Facts About the Presidential Limo

Clearly, the current limo is more tank than Cadillac, but we’d like to know which Presidential ride do you like the most?  Is it a Cadillac or a Lincoln?

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