Easy Extra Cargo Room for Your Vehicle


Think you’re running out of room for your car?

Think again.  With Rightline Gear’s Sport Car Top Carriers, adding extra storage to your car is easy and affordable.  The Rightline Gear Sport Car Top Carriers are lightweight, weatherproof, and easy to add to virtually any vehicle.

In fact, the sport car top carriers boast several other features, including an aerodynamic shape that saves you gas mileage, 100% weatherproof construction thanks to its PVC Semi-Coated Mesh exterior, welded DualSeams, and Rightline Gear’s ZipRight technology, which is engineered to keep moisture OUT.

To install, secure the straps to your luggage rack OR if you don’t have a rack, use the included Car Clips to hook the straps to the the inside of the car door frame. Both of these set ups are simple and secure, so you can spend less time struggling with your cargo and more time doing what you love!

Now available with Crazy Fast FREE SHIPPING.



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