Cannonball rally record broken during Covid-19 shutdown


Cannonball purists are criticizing the run as grossly irresponsible as the nation deals with a international emergency. What are your thoughts?

Empty streets

The 26 hour, 38 minute time which beats the record set in November by more than 45 minute appears to be legitimate, according to Ed Bolian, a Cannonball insider and driver who set his own 28 hour, 50 minute record in 2013. Alex Roy, who set the first modern NYC to LA record in 2006, also said the new claim is credible based on his analysis of multiple sources.

With many criticizing the run as being irresponsible and some even calling it downright cheating due to the circumstances that we are facing across the globe. But theres more to this than appears

Traffic analytics company Inrix has reported that congestion is down nearly 50 percent on average in the U.S. due to stay-at-home policies.

Audi A8 fitted with extra fuel tanks

Ed Bolian did not reveal the identity of the drivers, but said in a YouTube video that he monitored a live track of the April 4-6 trip online and has seen timing data confirming the time.

The news comes as police across the country report seeing an increase in speeding due to empty roads. On Tuesday morning, a driver was caught on camera wrecking his $750,000 supercar while speeding on a New York City street, then running red lights as he attempted to flee the scene before being arrested and charged with driving under the influence of drugs.

The people involved in the coast-to-coast stunt have not publicly come forward, but a photo of the car that was briefly posted to Facebook by another person shows that the Audi was fitted with two marine fuel tanks in its trunk to extend its range between fill-ups and tape to obscure its signature taillight design.

Modified taillights Audi A8

The exact route taken by the Audi from New York City’s Red Ball Garage to the Portofino Inn in Redondo Beach has not been revealed, and it is not known if any law enforcement agencies are aware of or investigating the incident. The average speed over the shortest route possible between the two points would be approximately 103 mph.

Comment below what your thoughts are regarding this record as we are interested many of your opinions. We think that they saw an opportunity, and they took is to beat the previous record. Many use spotters, drones or even full flying machines such as helicopters and planes to look out for speed traps and take certain routes to avoid as much traffic as possible. So all in all, I personally think it was fair. Please comment your thoughts as we are interested in what you have to say.



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