One of the best parts about working in the automotive industry is getting to see all the options you get for your ride, no matter what you drive. Why fit in when you were born to standout, right?

This week we’re featuring another one of our favorite brands: N-Fab. Here’s a little history on how they became an industry leader.

N-Fab Bumper

N-Fab is the industry leader in quality Nerf-Bars, Pre-Runners, and other Off-Road accessories. They design and manufacture the best looking, strongest, and most durable Nerf-Bars available in the industry today.

At N-Fab, they are committed to building a heavy duty, high-end, high-quality tubular parts for all the latest trucks and SUV’s, even dating back to the 80’s. While others are using thinner tube to cut cost, N-Fab still uses heavier gauge .084-wall steel, with a welded one-piece construction. They Zinc coat each part for better protection from rust. Lastly, N-Fab finishes their parts with a thick layer of high gloss powder-coating for a long lasting finish coat. These high standards help set N-Fab apart from their competition in the industry.

N-Fab manufactures quality tubular accessories for most makes and models of Trucks and SUVs, both foreign and domestic. Their core products consist of award-winning, Patented Nerf-Steps that come in 3 different configurations: Cab Length, Full Length-Wheel to Wheel and our Bed Access 6 step.

N-Fab Growler Running Boards

With over 400 models, they have the most complete and extensive line of Patented Nerf-Steps on the Market, which is available in a vast variety of finishes. Since 2009, N-Fab has offered the much sought after fully Polished, 304 Marine Grade Stainless Steel in their most popular “Wheel to Wheel” models.

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N-Fab Bumper

To continue N-FAB’s philosophy of build innovative products, they have the largest selection of production Pre-Runners and Light Bars on the market.

N-Fab RSP Front Bumper
N-Fab RSP Front Bumper

Their newly produced M-RDS Radius Front Bumper features an aggressive, pre-runner style look with a clean, conservative construction. This bumper follows the trimline of the front of your vehicle to conserve space in the front, while still offering you the ability to mount up to (in most cases) a 40″ curved LED Light Bar.

N-Fab RB PreRunner Rear Bumper
N-Fab RB PreRunner Rear Bumper

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N-Fab roof mounts are taking the industry by storm with their simplicity and reliability, paired with their sleek look. N-Fab roof mounts allow the user to choose from a wide range of 50″ LED Light Bars.


The 49-Series and 50-Series Roof Mounts accept most 50″ Light Bars, regardless of the length of the housing. The Rear-Runner was designed to finish the overall look of our offering with the functionality of rear-facing light mounts. N-FAB has all the bases covered if it’s your desire to have a unique look with high-quality products that are designed to outlast your truck.

Checkout this great video on N-Fab bumper mount solutions for LED lighting.

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And yes, N-Fab covers the Jeep community too!

N-Fab Jeep Gear
N-Fab Jeep Gear

From Step systems to light mounting to bumpers & Jeep gear, you’ll be sure to find the right accessory for your vehicle from the N-Fab assortment.

N-Fab Universal Bed Mounted Tire Carrier
N-Fab Universal Bed Mounted Tire Carrier Accessory

N-Fab is a division of Truck-Hero.

N-Fab logo



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