Besides lighting accessories what else can you easily upgrade on your ride to stand apart from the rest? Wheels & tires of course!

Mickey Thompson Drag Race Tires
Mickey Thompson Drag Race Tires

This week we’re proudly highlighting Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels which has the assortment for whatever you’re driving these days. Jeep? check. Truck? check. Drag? check. Street? check. Specialty? check.

The central characteristic activity at Mickey Thompson—designing & building innovative performance products for automotive enthusiasts for on and off-road application.

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History of Mickey Thompson

Since 1963, Mickey Thompson Tires has always been an Enthusiast Brand. Mickey Thompson built his products to WIN—he built them from necessity. We hold fast to Mickey’s values, his unceasing drive for faster—better.

“I hereby solemnly swear, to stand on the gas leaving all others in my dust, undisputed, forever, until the end of time.”-Marian Lee ‘Mickey’ Thompson

Mickey Thompson Heritage Vintage race track
Mickey Thompson at race track

That is certainly a quoted that he lived by, as Thompson holds the more racing records than anyone on earth. His tires revolutionized the racing world, were used by Navy SEALs in the Gulf War, and benefit 4W Drivers of every level.

During his life, Mickey participated in over 10,000 races, drove over one million race miles and won at least one championship in such diverse categories of auto racing as midgets, sprint cars, off-road vehicles, stock cars, drag racing and sports cars. But his contribution to motorsports goes far beyond his car building and driving skills. In 1990, Mickey Thompson was inducted in the International Motorsports Hall of Fame.

Mickey Thompson Tires on Ram
Mickey Thompson Tires on Ram Truck

Core Values of Mickey Thompson

The core values are the guiding principles that dictate behavior and action at Mickey Thompson. They state:

  • We were born on the track and have never left
  • We take Mickey’s legacy SERIOUSLY & we continue to build record breaking products
  • We value the loyalty of enthusiasts who continue to WIN and experience our products
  • We are committed to building the BEST products for Street, Strip & Off-Road
  • We never stop, we’re never satisfied, we always “STAND ON THE GAS”
Mickey Thompson Tires on Toyota
Mickey Thompson Tires on Toyota

Now if that doesn’t impress you…keep scrolling for a list of First to Market innovations from M/T.

Mickey Thompson Tires on Jeep going off road
Mickey Thompson Tires on Jeep going off road

M/T also participates in many different types of motorsports activities such as: Off Road Racing Series, NMCA Muscle Car Nationals, PSCA, NHRA, International Drag Bike League (IDBL), IHRA Drag Racing Series, NMRA Ford Nationals Series, Regional Off Road Series (SoCal), M/T Pro Bike Battle and M/T Top Fuel Harley.

Mickey Thompson Tires at KOH 2019
Mickey Thompson Tires at King of the Hammers 2019

Mickey Thompson proudly makes tires in the U.S.A.

Wheels options

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See below for First to Market Innovations by year

  • 1960 First to 406MPH
  • 1963 Wide/Low Tires at the Indy 500—12” Wheel
  • 1964 First Wide/Low Tires at the Indy 500—15” Wheel Red/White Sidewalls
  • 1965 S/S Cheater Slicks
  • 1966 First 70 Series Tire
  • 1969 First 60 Series Tire
  • 1970 Raised White Letter Tires
  • 1971 First 50 Series Tire
  • 1973 Tall Light Truck Tire 35” O.D.
  • 1977 On/Off Road Tire with Tread on the Sidewalls
  • 1978 Large Light Truck Radial Tire
  • 1982 Widest D.O.T. Street Tire
  • 1987 Quiet On/Off Road Light Truck Tire
  • 1988 “Z” Speed Rated Bias-Belted Ultra High Performance Tire (305/40ZB16)
  • 1989 Strongest Widest Light Weight Forged Aluminum Wheel
  • 1991 D.O.T. Approved Race Tires—Sportsman Pro
  • 1994 17” Off-Road Racing Tires & Wheels (DOT Approved) 500 MPH Bonneville LSR Tire
  • 1994 Challenger Series Forged Wheels
  • 1996 World’s Fastest D.O.T. Tire
  • 1998 Directional 4×4 Tire with SideBiters®—Baja Claw
  • 2000 World’s Fastest D.O.T. Motorcycle Tire—MCR2
  • 2001 Patent Awarded for Baja Claw Design Kevlar Belted 4×4 Tires
  • 2002 Radial Drag Slick—ET Drag Radial
  • 2003 Cooper Tire Acquires Mickey Thompson Tires
  • 2003 World’s Fastest D.O.T. Approved Street Legal—ET Street Radial
  • 2003 Classic Lock Simulated Bead Lock Wheel
  • 2004 ET Drag Wheel
  • 2004 World’s Largest Street Rod Radial Tire—Sportsman S/R Radial Tire
  • 2004 Specialty Light Truck (SLT) Radial Tire Sizing up to 40”
  • 2005 World’s Largest One-Piece Drag Wheel 15×12
  • 2005 World’s Largest One-Piece Hot Rod Wheel 20×16
  • 2009 World’s First Tire With Directional SideBiters®—Baja Claw TTC
  • 2010 World’s First One Piece Drag Wheel with Integrated Beadlock System—Pro 5 ET Drag Beadlock Wheel
  • 2011 World’s First Direct Bolt-On Simulated 10-Lug Wheel—Classic Big Rig Wheel
  • 2011 World’s Fastest D.O.T. Drag Radial—ET Street Radial Pro
  • 2012 World’s First Steel Wheel Stamped—Mickey Metal Series
  • 2012 Enhanced Stance System (ESS) Engineered for Optimum Vehicle Stance—Street Comp SC-5 Wheel
  • 2015 First Ever Radial Drag Slick for Bracket Racers
  • 2016 406.7 MPH RECORD at Speed WEEK—Bonneville, Challenger 2
Mickey Thompson Tires on Jeep
Mickey Thompson Tires on Jeep Wrangler

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