We can’t say enough amazing things about Dorman since they make virtually everything you need for your car.  Notice the word “Need.”  We all want the sexy bumper and the cool exhaust.  Nobody wants to buy the plastic thingamajig that that someone accidentally broke out of your car.  But you know who makes that plastic thingamajig?


I’m not kidding.  From these hyper customized push pins that will hold back another custom plastic piece, to vacuum connectors, to bushings, canisters, to replacement door handles, all the important pieces that hold, or assist, or work with your car are made by Dorman.  These include many hard to find or hard to identify parts.


The FPDM or fuel pump driver module is sometimes also called a fuel solenoid driver (FSD). This module controls the voltage delivered to a vehicle’s fuel pump. The voltage in turn dictates the amount of fuel pressure and fuel delivery the engine receives.  As you can see, it’s not a sexy part, but it serves a vital row in your car’s performance, or lack thereof.  Fortunately, Dorman makes FPDMs for thousands of vehicles.


Dorman sells a wide selection of the very unique, very customized side mirror lights embedded in so many vehicles today.  Tap to shop for yours.


Weird things sometimes break and need to be replaced.  Who knew I might have to replace the upper steering shaft?  Tap to find an upper steering shift replacement for your vehicle.




Your car has a bunch of switches.  From door locks to windows to trunks to gas caps, who makes great reliable replacement switches?  Well Dorman, of course.  Tap to find replacement switches for your vehicle.

One of the most popular products we have available from Dorman are the replacement Key Fobs.   Whether lost or damaged, you don’t have to panic if you lose one of your existing key fobs.  And you can skip the costly trip to the dealer, too.


Dorman replacement key fobs are just a click away.  They make them for virtually every car.  Plus, where applicable, they include the device that lets you program the key fob quickly, easily, and securely.

Here’s how it works:

Dorman’s OE FIX repair solution allows you to easily sync a new remote to your vehicle in less than five minutes. Our Keyless Entry Remotes are now available as complete units, which includes a user-friendly programming tool, providing a quick and easy repair solution for lost or broken keyless remotes.

It’s Easy

Upgrading your key fob is easy to do.  Check out the video instructions for GM Key Fob Programming.

NOTE: Please read and follow all programming instructions carefully to avoid the risk of immobilizing your vehicle.

Click to find a replacement or back up key fob for your car.



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