You are probably driving a lot less during the pandemic. car-gear-bun-speed - car maintenance tipsHowever, you still need to make sure that your car will be ready to go once you are back to driving on a regular basis. During your time sheltering-at-home, you can do some basic car service and maintenance yourself.



Change Your Oil

Your car’s oil is an important part of the engine running properly. This is why you need to make sure that it’s changed on a regular basis. Fortunately, you can change your oil yourself in less than half an hour.

Oil change - car maintenance tips

Replace Your Spark Plugs

If your car has been running rough, you may just need to change your spark plugs. In order to do this properly, you will need a socket wrench and an extension. If you don’t have these items, you can purchase them online and have them delivered right to your door.

Mechanic with spark plug - car maintenance tips

Prevent Gas From Getting Stale

You really don’t want your car to sit for long periods of time with a tank full of gas. It’s important that you drive your car on a regular basis to run some of it out. pumping gas - car maintenance tips

Even if you just drive your car around the block, it’s better than it just sitting there. It might be a good idea to add a bit of premium gas to your tank if you know that your car will be sitting for a long period of time.


Fix Cloudy Headlights

It’s not uncommon for headlight covers to become cloudy as a car ages. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult for you to see the road while you are driving.

classic-car-headlights - car maintenance tipsIf you don’t want to replace your headlights, you may be able to use a restoration kit to fix this issue. You will need to sand and buff the plastic cover, but it is a lot cheaper to restore your headlights rather than purchasing new ones.


Change Your Coolant

Your car should operate at a safe temperature. If your coolant needs to be changed, then your car might start to overheat. A lot of car owner’s don’t realize that their coolant may need to be changed as often as every 25,000 miles. Fortunately, many car owner’s can easily change their car’s coolant without a lot of guidance.

Antifreeze in the radiator- car maintenance tips

Replace The Air Filter

A dirty air filter can cause your car to not get as good of gas mileage as you hoped. Air Filter - Car maintenance TipsMost air filters can be easily located under the inside of your hood.

Once you remove the air inlet duct clamp and the screws in the lid of air filter box, you then just have to simply pull the air filter out.





Detail The Inside

Now that you are sheltering-at-home, you probably don’t have a lot going on. This is why it’s a great time to really detail the inside of your car.interior Car detailing

You can take a toothbrush to clean all of the cracks and crevices that a vacuum just can’t get. Wipe can also use a damp cloth to wipe down the entire interior to get rid of grime and dust.



There are some things that you can do now to make sure that your car is ready to hit the road again. All of the service and maintenance projects listed above can be completed even by those that don’t have a lot of mechanical knowledge.

black-car-interior-design- car maintenance tips

By utilizing these service and maintenance tips, you can save money, and you don’t have to don’t have to risk your health by leaving your home while the shelter-at-home order is in place.



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